Spanish Colonial House in Nicaragua

Colonial House design in Nicaragua
Located in the historic district of Granada, Nicaragua, is on the market for $599,000. This three-bedroom three-and-a-half-bath home, a typical Spanish colonial, it is made of adobe, with an unadorned 12-foot-high exterior wall facing the street.
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Flake House – Movable Home in French by Olgga Architects

Movable Home in French by Olgga Architects
The Flake House design in the exhibition this summer at the Festival Estuaire 2009 in Nantes, France. The flake house designed by Olgga Architects, “A poetic shelter; a ‘folie’ that merges low-tech and hi-tech.” The exterior appears as a stack of logs, raw and rustic, with walls of glass at either end. The interior finish is smooth and stripped down as to contrast with the traditional look of the external log cladding. This modular “nomadic” home design – has been conceived to clad the places wherever it lands. [Read more...]

BF House – High End House Design by Humberto Hermeto Architects

BF House Brazilian: Humberto Hermeto
Located in Vila Castela, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil. The BF House designed by Brazilian architect Humberto Hermeto, house set on a hill overlooking a vast valley. The BF House boasts walls of floor-to-ceiling glass and integrates outdoor living spaces into its light. The BF House luxurious polished marble floors, contemporary columns holding up the cool, concrete ceiling, a wonderful modern fireplace at the center of it all, and enclosing this amazing space are invisible glass walls that invite the outdoors in. [Read more...]