Minimalist Japanese Wooden Interior by K2 Design

This ‘Musoan’ house designed with a simple and minimalist with a touch of typical Japanese natural. Designed by Keisuke Kawaguchi (K2Design Inc.), located in Jinsekikogencho, Hiroshima, Japan. This one-story house with wood frame construction, built in 6982 square feet (648.64m²). [Read more...]

House in Jigozen – Minimalist Japan Beach House Interior by Suppose Design Office

Built by the sea, this is a house designed for a family of three; a mother, a father and one child. Along with the exhilarating feeling of being by the sea comes the longstanding idea that this spot i s prone to damage from natural disasters, especially during Typhoon season. The interior and exterior flow together with the existence of what you could call a half-outdoor space.

This space creates a gradation from inside to outside. With a space whi ch is at the same time like a terrace, a veranda, an inside room, and the outdoors, items which normally would be found inside, such as books and paintings, a study or a bath, can actively participate in this middle-ground between interior and exterior. This space fulfills the role of connecting the outside to the inside. In addition, it serves as a buffer to the various natural-phenomena found in the outdoors. It solves the seemingly contrary problems of “protection” and “openness” at the same time. [Read more...]

Modern Small Loft design for Living on Rooftops by Werner Aisslinger

modern small loft for rooftop living ideas
This modern prefab house that can be placed in the rooftop, the modern space saving loft, it’s pretty cool. The entire body of the house can be customized to the buyer’s needs and it’s built by you. This makes perfect sense. [Read more...]