Conceptual Tent Design with Solar Energy Saver from Orange

Tent Design Solar Energy
The U.K. company Orange has recently presented their vision for the tent of the future for conceptual living design. The equipped with solar energy saver and LCD-screen. This concept design for anyone who like to hiking and camping. This tent was made from photovoltaic fabric that can be store solar energy, thus you will be able to charge your mobile device and turn on your gadget while camping, and a tent will light up in the dark with a soft yellow light. [Read more...]

MC House – Minimalist Japanese Home by Ikuyo Nakama Architect

Japanese Town House Ikuyo Nakama

Japanese Town House Ikuyo Nakama

MC House designed by architect Ikuyo Nakama, is a minimalist Japanese house designed to stylish town house with a nice little atrium courtyard. The 1st floor stairs design looking so delicious it has a good graphic quality and detailed woodwork. [Read more...]

Modern Lounge Interior Design of Nisha Acapulco by Pascal Arquitectos

Nisha Acapulco Interior - Reservation Desk

Reservation Desk Interior Nisha Acapulco

This lounge of Nisha Acapulco located in Acapulco, is an entertainment place dedicated to the senses. Expressed through the architecture, the people, the images an alternative and virtual atmosphere is created. Access to the premises is by a foyer that simulates the interior of a ship lined with wood, where five high definition screens framed as oval windows that may show either a clouded sky travelling at high speed or bottom of the sea images transforming it into a submarine. Restrooms are a gathering place completely covered in glass; the women’s area is in red with a white bench and a huge palm [Read more...]