Black Pyramid House in Saijo, Japan

This really cool architecture and design, beautiful but the only problem with this house would be the lack of vertical wall space to hang art. This pyramid house designed by Suppose Design Office, this house inspired by the earliest house in Japanese architecture called pit dwelling or “tateana jukyo”. The house located in Saijo, Hiroshima, Japan. The hill around the house gives privacy but still allows natural lighting.

Architects: Suppose Design Office
Lead Architect: Makoto Tanijiri
Site area: 246 m2
Building area: 50.41 m2
Total floor area: 115.51m2
Photo credit: Toshiyuki Yano (Nacasa&Partners Inc.)

Wooden House Design in Small Ponds by WIM Goes Architectuur

The high quality small wooden home for protection from the elements outside and give them a comfortable space. The small private wooden house designed by WIM Goes Architectuur, the house designed to make the house stay cool in the summer and keep in warmth during the winter. Created with an elegant facade that encompasses both visual and structural grace. This house was surrounded with naif vegetation garden, graying wood, ponds and other tropical trees that create a harmonious balance between art and nature. Simplicity with functional clarity, and results in stark beauty with Japanese-Finnish undertones.

The facade is created from slim strips of wood (only 6 x 8 centimeters in cross-section) selected for the straightness of the growth rings in each piece of wood. The only structural load the wood strips must carry is the vertical load of the roof.


Wooden Guest House Design for an Anthropologist by Air Architecture

This is a wooden guest house for an anthropologist to store the collection he gathered during 20 years in Asia and host visiting Buddhist scholars. The wooden guest house designed by Los Angeles architect Francois Perrin of Air Architecture. The structure is a wood frame (the common construction type in California) clad with a clear polycarbonate skin. The clear plastic skin creates an optical illusion with the sunlight that makes the project disappear at some times like a mirage and thus creates a minimal impact to the existing house and neighborhood. The project uses solar panels on the roof and plans to add some wind turbines to be fully off the grid as this is a prototype for an habitat that the client will build in Sri Lanka and Taiwan. [Read more...]