The Toboggin Series by Devin Schaffner

coffee table-bench
The Toboggin series is an interesting coffee table and or bench made out of red and white Corian. The Toboggin Series designed by Canadian designer Devin Schaffne. The 48” long model can be utilized as a coffee table or as a bench, while the 24” long model can be used as a coffee table, side table, and bench while lying horizontally and providing a temporary stool or side table when standing vertically.

Spun Table Lamp by Jonah Takagi

spun table lamp jonah takagi
Called Spun Table Lamp designed by Jonah Takagi. The lamp features a spun aluminum shade, lacquered steel base, and cloth cord. Shade is available in polished aluminum, polished brass or matte white lacquer. Base is available in Farm Green, Safety Yellow [Read more...]

Chandelier – What Watt? by Tim Fishlock

 chandelier tim fishlock
Called What Watt? made by designer Tim Fishlock, this is a memorial to and a celebration of the humble incandescent lightbulb. It’s a spherical chandelier, 1010mm in diameter made up of 1243 suspended bulbs of various shape and size, illuminated by a single low-energy light source. By 2011, all forms of incandescent light bulb [Read more...]