Modern House Design with Spacious Interior – House 14 by Dane Richardson

modern house design spacious
Designed by Australian architect Dane Richardson, located in Eagle Bay, Western Australia. This modern house plan was divided into three wings. Children’s bedrooms, guest room, bathroom and games/tv room to the western side. The master bedroom and study to the eastern side and the main living volume & court yard central to these wings. Upper levels provide shelter for lower levels. The entry is screened with high stone walls and a planted court yard; this rustic relaxed threshold must be crossed prior to entering the sharper aesthetic of the building. [Read more...]

Cooper Residence in California by Randy Weinstein

Beautiful Cooper Residence by Randy Weinstein, is located in Santa Monica, California. There seems to be a very real disconnect between the exterior and interior. The mixture of clean lines, raw materials and flowing space make for a top notch space which is relaxing and interesting at at the same time. This fairly typical suburban home on the outside, industrial loft on the inside.
bedroom interior decor cooper residence

Kensiegirl Footwear Showroom Interior by Sergio Mannino Studio

Kensiegirl Footwear Showroom interior
Sergio Mannino Studio have completed the interior of a showroom for footwear brand Kensiegirl in New York. The design of the new Kensiegirl Footwear Showroom in New York City attempts to personify the chic, evocative and whimsical style of the Kensiegirl brand.
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