B House Japan by Anderson Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects

Anderson Anderson Architecture + Nishiyama Architects have designed the 1100 square foot home in Shimasaki, Kyushu Island, Japan. The house is sited for maximum views and passive solar heating of the massive concrete floor slabs, the constructed of simple, robust materials, consisting of concrete, plaster, and locally and sustainably harvested timber. [Read more...]

Charred Cedar House Japan by NAF Architect

Japanese architecture firm NAF Architect & Design have designed the Charred Cedar House in Hiroshima, Japan. The House stands in such neighborhood, the space free from enormous force or conventional structure method floats in the air as natural as up above brunches of trees. Sand cushion bricks were paved in the entrance hall to make a semi-outside/ semi-inside space in terms of material and nature of space which leads gradually to more private space.
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Luxury Small House in Amagansett – Mako Residence by Bates Masi Architects

Bates Masi Architects have designed this luxurious small house with simplicity design, located in Amagansett, NY, USA. Called Mako Residence, the form of the house, a series of boxes and turrets, was somewhat awkward looking. The south wall of this bedroom is a sliding glass door that opens onto a new deck and views of the ocean beyond. The roof cantilevers past the door to form a sunshade that stretches, ribbon-like, past the existing master bedroom windows and down to a new storage closet on the first floor. [Read more...]