Modern Polish Building – Aatrial House by KWK PROMES Architects

Robert Konieczny from Kwk Promes Architects has designed the Aatrial House in Poland, close to Opole. The building is a reinforced concrete monolith, and concrete is at the same time the finishing material of the transformed cube, while all additional elements are finished with dark ebony. The Aatrial House is closed to the inside and open to the surroundings. [Read more...]

Broken House in Poland by KWK PROMES Architects

KWK PROMES Architects have designed the Broken house in Katowice, Poland. The leitmotif of the building, combining a variety of functions: starting with the swimming pool to the living room with a fireplace and then to the bedroom upstairs. [Read more...]

Garden House in Viksberg by Tham & Videgard Architects

Tham & Videgard Architects have designed the beautiful Garden House in Viksberg, Sweden. The construction features is all wood, both structure and finishes. This is a beautiful winter garden also function as a natural pre-heating of fresh air. The roof terrace offers very long views over the nearby hills towards lake Mälaren.
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