Black Sofa and Armchairs – Powder by Kati Meyer-Bruhl

black sofa armchairs
Powder is sofa and armchairs designed in black by German designer Kati Meyer-Bruhl, the Powder collection of sofas and armchairs for her family’s manufacturing company, Bruhl. [Read more...]

DG-House with minimalist living furniture by GENETO

GENETO have designed a private house in the quiet neighborhood in Tokyo. Called DG-House, a space economically and functionally with the work of more than furniture less than architecture. The exterior space and the interior space are tended to be humble because usually we focus how much space and how much floor-area we can get especially in densely built-up area. [Read more...]

Modern stylish house interior design of Zeidler Residence by Ehrlich Architects

This stylish modern house designed by Ehrlich Architects. Called Zeidler Residence , this modern house is situated at the top of a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It it designed to maximize views, natural light, and ocean breezes. 3,500-square-foot Zeidler Residence arranges interior and exterior living spaces to maximize views, natural light, and ocean breezes within a subtle, sophisticated material palette.

The rear structure accommodates separate living quarters for friends and family in three oversized bedrooms. The second level studio has a full kitchen and expansive deck with views towards the ocean. The two primary structures frame a landscaped courtyard with lap pool and built-in barbecue, and when opened to the elements form a complex of open air pavilions connected through the landscape. A trellis with overhead panels covers a walkway from the main house to the guest house.

stylish living room interior open concept

contemporary dining room open concept

contemporary bedroom design zeidler house

staircase house interior

Photos: Matthew Millman /via