Modern Architecture Villa Meindersma by Cie Architects

Villa Meindersma in Haaksbergen by Cie Architects
The modern architecture Villa Meindersma in Haaksbergen, Netherlands designed by Cie Architects. The modern villa features in minimalist interior design. Closed to the outside; light and open on the inside. This elliptically shaped property is composed of an enclosed space around a patio. The inner façade is fully glazed. The house has a linear layout: the hallway behind the entrance opens out into one big space where the functions of cooking, eating, living and working occupy their own particular zones. The space then narrows again, into a corridor that leads to the main sleeping quarters. The basement with a sauna, the children’s rooms and sun room is linked with the floor above by an open well. The partially lowered ground level around the sun room increases daylight and contact with the terrace. [Read more...]