Modern Sustainable Tiburon Bay House by Butler Armsden Architects

two story sustainable residence
The Tiburon Bay House is modern home concept with faultless design and energy efficiency. The sustainable home was designed by Butler Armsden Architects is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

The Tiburon Bay House is a two story 1,500 square foot residence with 95% was resused or recycled. [Read more...]

Modern Clean Bathroom Design by Meridiana

modern bathroom fixtures
Sleek, clean and minimal bathroom design are some of the key ingredients for a modern styled bathroom. A clean, modern bathtub will make a big difference in the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. A clean bathroom is a necessity for any homeowner: so you will be comfortable there, so your guests will enjoy visiting [Read more...]

Modern Wall Clocks Retro Style by Steve Cambronne

Modern Wall Clocks Retro Style
The colorful wall art clock that perfect for modern interior decoration in your home. This is a great retro modern wall clocks each under $300. The awesome retro modern wall clocks creation of a metal artist in the U.S. Steve Cambronne, if you are interested to buy it, you can immediately visit the Steve Cambronne site. [Read more...]