Stunning Beach House Design by Xsite Architects

Before you delve into the various beach house designs, you would be wise to do some good research about the location where you are going to build it.

Here, Xsite Architects have designed this stunning beach house located in West Coast Beach, built in 420 square meters area.

Decorating in modern beach house themes you will need to keep the space free from clutter, comfortable, inviting and a place you and your family feel at home in. Take inspiration from your home’s design and natural surroundings and you will be well on your way to creating an inviting, comfortable atmosphere throughout your entire home. Ideas for beach house decorating should not be confined just to the indoor areas, the outside needs to have that beach feel as well. Place nautical or beach inspired wreaths on the doors, have palm trees in planters on the porches and just do what you think says “beach” to you.

Architect: Xsite Architects

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