BF House – High End House Design by Humberto Hermeto Architects

BF House Brazilian: Humberto Hermeto
Located in Vila Castela, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil. The BF House designed by Brazilian architect Humberto Hermeto, house set on a hill overlooking a vast valley. The BF House boasts walls of floor-to-ceiling glass and integrates outdoor living spaces into its light. The BF House luxurious polished marble floors, contemporary columns holding up the cool, concrete ceiling, a wonderful modern fireplace at the center of it all, and enclosing this amazing space are invisible glass walls that invite the outdoors in.
Modern BF House design living room
Modern BF House design: concrete ceiling

Architect: Humberto Hermeto
Location: Vila Castela, Nova Lima, MG, Brazil
Collaborator: André Gabrich
Structural Engineering: Carlos Alberto Fonseca
Electrical & Sanitary Services: Projelet Projetos de Sistemas Prediais Ltda
Contractor: PHM Engenharia
Project year: 2004/2005
Photographs: Eduardo Eckenfels

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