Tamburo Vessel Sink and Banco Shower Bench from Stone Forest

siena marble bathroom suite from stone forest

This is one of the most beautiful natural stone bathroom collections from Stone Forest. Vessel sinks are a very interesting variation on the traditional porcelain and ceramic plumbing fixtures that many people are used to. This uniquely deep barrel-shaped vessel is designed to perch atop the Banco Shower Bench. A cavity carved into the back of the piece allows for a clean installation, concealing the plumbing underneath. A vessel styled fixture is essentially a container that that holds the water hence the name vessel. It is either mounted on top of the counter or is partially recessed in the counter. The look is very noticeable and offers a chance to choose a model that is closer to one’s personal style.

Cow Skin Lamps by SDA Decoration

lamp shades cow skin lamp at dining room

SDA Decoration has designed the Cow Skin Lamps. These farmhouse-style pendant lamps get their rustic charm from their well-worn steel frames and simple-yet-stylish white diffuser, which is covered carefully yet casually in a cowhide.

Modern MD. net Clinic Interior Design by Nendo

Modern Clinic Interior Design by Nendo

Japanese designers Nendo have completed the new mental health clinic interior in Akasaka, Tokyo. The clinic specializes in total mental health care: in addition to standard consultations with a psychiatrist, it offers such services as corporate consulting and support for patients returning to the workplace.

Called MD. net Clinic Akasaka, the clinic aims to provide patients with something extra: a further richness in their daily lives that they did not have before starting treatment. The interior design is an attempt to express this philosophy in space.
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