Tribeca Loft Interior by Fearon Hay Architects

Tribeca Loft Interior by Fearon Hay Architects

The simple modern Tribeca Loft designed by Fearon Hay Architects, is located in Tribeca, is a recently completed 550sqm loft conversion – a bespoke and innovative response to the challenges of residing in Manhattan. The glazed volumes are accompanied by blank, white, volumes containing bathing, service and scullery functions. These service components are arranged in a linear sequence in the centre of the space. Both of these insertions are carefully placed amongst the existing structural elements of columns, beams and corbels, freeing the structure and the perimeter of the loft from division. The various areas of the residence may be separated from one another or connected to each other as desired.

Images credit: Richard Powers

Stylish compact apartment interior by i29 Interior Architects

Compact apartment interior

i29 Interior Architects have complete renovation the very compact small apartment interior in Amsterdam. In it’s new layout all the functions of the house are placed in two wall units. Entrance hall, wardrobe and kitchen equipment are hidden behind a pinewood wall. On the opposite a second wooden wall of the same material is placed. This wall integrated a bench, fireplace and storage. Floor, ceiling and walls are all white. A custom designed table and bench, together with the fireplace are anthracite gray. The simplicity of the design and choice of materials give this apartment lots of space within the limited area. – Explained i29 Interior Architects.

Small apartment building by Halle 58 Architects

small apartment building in Liebefeld Switzerland

This small apartment building designed by Halle 58 Architects, located in Liebefeld, Switzerland.

The building was able to fulfill Minergie-P-Eco standard thanks to minimal thermal bridges, large windows to the southwest, sufficient thermal mass, good daylight utilization and consistent use of ecological materials.

Architects: Halle 58 Architects
Photography: Christine Blaser, Bern
Source: Contemporist

The ground plan and elevation show the layout: Three apartments of equal size entirely built in wood, accessible via the concrete staircase,, are perched slightly above the level of the site. The concentration of sanitation and technology services into a compact core, plus a load-bearing façade frees up the interior design of the apartments, permitting a loftloke spatial scheme. On each floor the façade is composed of a combination of wooden framework elements, glazing and entrance doors. What appears at first glance to be concrete cooling fins are in reality made of wood, derived timber sheets and Duripanel particle board.

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