Floating Bedroom Design for Small Apartment by ECDM

July 2, 2009 by Rini  
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The other way for space saving solution on small apartment, the floating bedroom which can be placed at the place so as to fit out an open plan and elude the demand of an extra room by conceiving in the center of the volume a suspended white cube which generates comic and disconcerting use situations.

This former artist studio characterized by a difference in height which shares the volume from a simple to a fake double height (3.70 m under ceiling in the main room) had been originally marqued by a awkward mezzanine under which one couldn’t be up and had, to get on it, to pass through a small doorway managed into a separating wall existing between the 2 volumes. Read more

Eva’s Bed – Bedroom with Multiple-use furniture by H2O Architects

June 19, 2009 by Rini  
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The Eva’s bed designed by H2O Architects, located in Paris, France. Designed for a family with a toddler and baby, the space can be reconfigured and added to as the children grow. Eva’s bed solution to siblings sharing a bedroom – ‘multi-purpose furniture’ creates play, study and rest areas. The partition wall contains steps, cavities, niches and passages ‘in a funny way’ which provide storage space as well as a stimulating environment to play.

Architects: H2O Architectes
Location: Paris, France
Project team: Charlotte Hubert, Jean-Jaques Hubert, Antoine Santiard
Client: private
Programme: Creation of a piece of furniture / partition / bed for a child in a 16 sqm room
Project year: 썙
Photographs: Stéphane Chalmeau