Modern and Elegant Apartment Interior Design by Stanic Harding

luxurious and modern apartment living room design

This is what you call a blend of luxurious lifestyle, modern and elegant. The architects have done an amazing work in creating something which is one of the most desirable amongst all apartments. This apartment living spaces comes with perfect combination to express comfortness. A combination of light color and dark color are presented for enjoying beautiful interior designs. One of the simplest ways to plan scheme is to stick to one major color and liven it up with accent colors in pillows, lampshades, pictures, plants etc. If you use a fairly neutral background other colors will then stand out giving a vibrant and cheerful effect.

Designer: Stanic Harding

Micheli Residence Interior by Simone Micheli

micheli residence living room interior

The house of Cesar, Roberta and Simone Micheli seems to embody the spirit of these words. It is a residence made up of 90% eco compatible materials and it is an authentic hyperrealist portrait of the “Ethical Luxury” which is one of the main focuses of his daily architectural searching. It is a dynamic, extremely fresh and vivid intervention taking place in an ancient 1800 setting which has converted these spaces laden with memories into a new environment capable of hosting meaninful fragments connected with a fast and unstoppable metropolitan life.

The bookcase, an acid green highlight, the mirror furniture and couches, which look as soft as pink clouds, as well as the back wall lend liveliness to the overall architecture. The lighting featuring built in adjustable spotlights located in the false ceiling and the lamps with very narrow optics underline and enhance the lyric volumetric and cromatic episodes of this composition. The bedrooms and another bathroom are located in a transversal partition of the original volume. The bedrooms as well as the rest of the residence are characterized by extreme whiteness and by essential architectural gestures.

Visit Simone Micheli’s website – here.
Photography by Juergen Eheim

Interior Wall Stone Decorating by Eldorado Stone

kitchen interior stone veneer by eldorado stone

This is a natural wall stone is elegance design, stone walls are expensive, tedious to install, but this amazing looks. Combination between natural exposed stone and amazing artificial lighting create a cozy interior atmosphere. These veneer stone collection is perfect for any rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms or another rooms. This new ideas of interior wall stone decorating by Eldorado Stone. Read more

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