Modern Architecture Design of Car Park One Building by Elliott + Associates Architects

Modern Architecture of Car Park One by Elliott + Associates Architects

Elliott + Associates Architects have designed the modern architecture design for the Car Park One building in Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Elliott + Associates has set about to reinvent the parking garage experience. Happily we had the perfect client in Chesapeake Energy and CEO Aubrey McClendon.

A unique feature of the exterior is the aluminum outriggers on the east and south elevations. These 4’ extensions create changing linear shadows that artistically hint of the contents. The linear shadow becomes the same line as the parking stripe hidden inside.
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Silhouette Ceiling Lamp for modern home interior by Chiara Lampugnani Design

Silhouette Ceiling Lamp home interior

This asymmetric and enveloping ceiling lamp, which is inspired by the plant world, is characterized by its strong personality. Silhouette arises firmly in the middle of space and it breaks symmetries thanks to the peculiarities of its different lenghts, which give it a different look according to the vantage point. Each product of this wholly hand-made collection by Chiara Lampugnani Design is a unique piece and it is available in different colours, individually or in groups. Silhouette is a furnishing complement which is modern and classic at the same time; its versatility makes it perfect for any kind of environment.
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Simple Decorative Ideas For Children’s Bedrooms

Kids Bedroom Interior Design For Small Rooms

You can create a bedroom that will thrill the child in your home by designing it around his or her personality types and favorite pastimes. Enjoy the process as you get to work on a project that will be fun for all. The main objective is to create a fun room and just enjoy it. Below are a few decorative design ideas that will help give you ideas on how to bet design your kid’s room. Boys who love the ocean would enjoy the ship theme room. You don’t have to shell out much money since you just need to paint the room ocean blue and sky blue for the ceiling. As accents to the room you can place ship mast, model of various ocean vessels or even rods for fishing. Little girls often request to have the princess room – try to put some paintings of a palace – add furnishings like a four poster bed, tea table, and a mini dresser.

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