Pugh + Scarpa Architects: Gwynne Pugh FAIA ASCE LEEDap launched Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio


Santa Monica, CA – Pugh + Scarpa Architects is pleased to announce that as of September 1, 2010, firm principal Gwynne Pugh FAIA ASCE LEEDap has launched Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio. Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio is an architectural and urban design firm that specializes in the design of structures, urban design, planning, sustainability, and consultation to companies and public entities. Further information will be forthcoming shortly.

Pugh + Scarpa will continue to operate under its current name, business structure and leadership under the direction of Lawrence Scarpa and Angela Brooks. In 2011 Pugh + Scarpa will change it¹s name to Brooks + Scarpa. An announcement regarding the new firm¹s direction and staff will be released at that time.
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AIA Architecture Award 2010 - exterior

for immediate release:
Washington, DC ­ The American Institute of Architects has given a 2010 Institute Honor Award for Architecture to Step Up on 5th, an affordable housing project by Pugh + Scarpa Architects. The award will be presented at the AIA National Convention and Design Expo in Miami, June 10-12, 2010. This is Pugh + Scarpa¹s 16th National AIA Award.

The new 46-unit mixed-use building provides a home and support services for the mentally disabled homeless population.

The main façade, made from custom water-jet anodized aluminum panels, creates a screen that sparkles in the sun and glows at night, while also acting as sun protection and privacy screens. The material reappears as a strategic arrangement of screens lending a subtle rhythm to the exterior circulation. South-facing walls filter direct sunlight, creating a sense of security for the emotionally sensitive occupants.
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DÉCOR TIPS and QUIPS from AlphabetPIX.com

Bringing Out Your Inner BOLD!
Bill Blass said, “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” Decorating takes on a new meaning for each individual. Clever and chic for Janie may be yesterday’s yawn-fest for Carol. Different tastes in décor mean different furniture, artwork and color palettes. So what is the rule of thumb for making your place zing if it’s not a certain style, pattern, or color?
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