Contemporary pure white house by Susanna Cots

pure white house
Susanna Cots has designed the interior of this contemporary coastal house, this interior design project named Pure white, which the starting point of the project is white as the sum of all the colours of light. This Pure White House located in Almuñécar, a municipality in the Spanish Autonomous Region of Andalusia, Spain.

Contemporary facade
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Balcony coastal house
white exterior design
white balcony design
White kitchen cabinet
White dining room
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modern kitchen design
white sofa living room
white living room
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contemporary bedroom
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kids bedhroom

Pure White House by Susanna Cots:

“Pure white. This is the name we gave to this interior design project in which white was, of course, the starring colour. White as the sum of all the colours of light was the starting point of the project: a house on the top of a cliff, in front of the sea, totally invaded by natural light.

The house is divided into five areas. The service area can house five people and the decoration and furniture are all designed in white. The kid’s area, which includes the children’s rooms and playroom, is the only part of the house decorated in colours.

The daytime area –dining room and living room- is designed in a way that the exterior seems to enter the house so when seated on the sofa one can almost feel the sea. The same happens in the kitchen.

The top of the building houses a cube where the main suite is located. The whole room is decorated in white except for a black carpet that crosses the room and specific decorative objects in silver as a mannequin and a frame over the boudoir.

Finally, the guest area on the ground floor, next to the swimming pool, is paved with the same material as the exterior to integrate both spaces of the house, all in one essence.”

Photos by: Mauricio Fuertes
Source: HomeDSGN

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