Dancing Living House in Yokohama by Junichi Sampei

Dancing Living House in Yokohama by Junichi Sampei
The dancing living house designed by Junichi Sampei from A.L.X., this is a single-family residence combined with a dance studio for 2 adults and a child, located in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan. This house amazing how the Japanese are so open to simple yet innovative things like putting a sink in your bedroom. The three-story reinforced concrete building is private and open to the sky, build on 1,093 square feet. and best of all it has plenty of parking, which comes at a premium in Japan.
minimalist bedroom decor Dancing Living House by Junichi Sampei

Architects: Junichi Sampei / A.L.X. (ARCHITECT LABEL Xain)
Site Area: 1,093 square feet
Construction Area: 634 square feet
Total Floor Area: 1,224 square feet/ 1st Fl – 185 sf., 2nd Fl – 609 sf., 3rd Fl – 430 sf.

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