Eva’s Bed – Bedroom with Multiple-use furniture by H2O Architects

June 19, 2009

The Eva’s bed designed by H2O Architects, located in Paris, France. Designed for a family with a toddler and baby, the space can be reconfigured and added to as the children grow. Eva’s bed solution to siblings sharing a bedroom – ‘multi-purpose furniture’ creates play, study and rest areas. The partition wall contains steps, cavities, niches and passages ‘in a funny way’ which provide storage space as well as a stimulating environment to play.

Architects: H2O Architectes
Location: Paris, France
Project team: Charlotte Hubert, Jean-Jaques Hubert, Antoine Santiard
Client: private
Programme: Creation of a piece of furniture / partition / bed for a child in a 16 sqm room
Photo credut: Stephane Chalmeau

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