Exotic Moroccan Bedroom Decorating with Traditional Theme

Moroccan decor elicits imported traditions from the Far East, Southern Spain and Northern Africa. Colors are dramatic in jeweled and spiced tones. Fabrics are luxurious silks, embroidered wools and gauze-like sheers.
The bedroom is your relaxing private oasis expressing the images of the Bedouin, Moorish palaces and the Sahara Desert. In Moroccan decor, lighting sets the mood. Look for Moroccan candle lanterns to place on the nightstands instead of bed lamps. Hang a wrought-iron chandelier with metal cutouts or a tinted resin bowl for the center of the ceiling. Strategically situate a mirror framed in metal with a Moorish design or arch so that light bounces off the glass to infuse the bedroom in a warm glow

Decorative tiles play an important role in Moroccan design. Choose one large piece of ceramic for a tall plant such as palm. Another accent is a large vase with intricate silver and metal work inlaid into the clay. Find a fringed or tasseled wedding blanket to casually throw over a trunk or bed. Keep accents to a minimum or it will come across as poor taste.

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