Minimalist Box Small House Design by Blanks Studio

Box house design minimalist style
This semi geometrical box house in minimalist style really ultra modern atmosphere. The minimalist box small house designed by Blank Studio / blankspaces. This small house style really wide inside with smart space layout that makes this house has comfort atmosphere. To fulfill interior with natural light, a glass walls attached in almost every wall. Inside of the house is minimalist ultra modern interior-arranged in luxury ambience. [Read more...]

Small Architecture Satiya House Design by adn Architectures

adn Architectures designed the small Satiya House design in Kraainem, Belgium.

The client wished to transform and extend his house to be able to accommodate a large family. The existing situation, a working house of the years ’30 of 100 sqm, consequently will become a resolutely contemporary house of 350 sqm. The first will is to include the extension in continuity with the neighbourhood (inclined roof, black tiles, white painted bricks, etc). Secondly, the intention is to reflect on creative architecture, as well by its external/interior geometry, as by a more significant dimension (reflexion on textures of the external facing amongst other things).
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Minimalist Small Japanese House by Kenji Tanaka

Japanese house architecture single family residence
This small house design with minimalist furniture located in Naka-ku, Hiroshima, Japan designed by Kenji Tanaka of Small House Design Lab. The stunning three-story house with wood frame construction, built in 506 square feet (47m2), while room which minimalist furniture – windows a low profile with the pastoral surroundings. Its distinctive barn-style house facade. So, see the picture for more details. [Read more...]