Minimalist Box Small House Design by Blanks Studio

Box house design minimalist style
This semi geometrical box house in minimalist style really ultra modern atmosphere. The minimalist box small house designed by Blank Studio / blankspaces. This small house style really wide inside with smart space layout that makes this house has comfort atmosphere. To fulfill interior with natural light, a glass walls attached in almost every wall. Inside of the house is minimalist ultra modern interior-arranged in luxury ambience. [Read more…]

Modernist small house design by Tim Stephens Architect

Tim Stephens Architect designed the small house in New Zealand. Fakro House, the two level home, the bedroom, bathroom, artists space and library are situated above the ground floor, while the first floor spaces suit spacious and flexible living areas. Natural light penetrates the space through strategically placed skylights. [Read more…]

Multi-Window House – Japan, Ultra Modern House by Sou Fujimoto Architects

multi-window-house designmulti-window-house design
The unique House N design by Japan’s own Sou Fujimoto Architects, located in Oita, Japan. This ultra modern house is contemporary residence, comprised of three shells of graduated size, and layered to create a nested effect. The third shell houses the residence in the traditional sense of the word. This unique style seen with Multi-Window House – exterior shell encompasses the entire house and grounds, with a series of windows opening to the outside and to the sky. The second skin of the house further encloses the interior outdoor [Read more…]