Lake House Architecture on Lake Austin by Bercy Chen Studio

April 27, 2009 at 11:50 pm 

This luxury lake home designed by architects in the Bercy Chen Studio sitting in front of the peninsula of Lake Austin. This home offers exotic nature-infused the unique appeal of the contemporary architecture to its environment. The beautiful expansive window views, but this is a lovely lake house enjoyed a doubling of living outside the region and from the home’s windows and doors are reflective acrylic that reflects the tree and water. A glass Echoes in the roofline of the house, and played 20 degrees from the main structure, to create a triangular corner of the pool room that abuts the house, and the lap pool that extends to the boathouse. Both within and outside the home, rich Brazilian hardwood Massaranduba provide a luxurious look while maintaining the home ground of appeal. A Second floor patio offers a lush garden with a strike from within.

[lake house]

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