Lefevre House – Beach House Architecture by Longhi Architects, Punta Misterio, Peru

modern beach house architecture design
The Lefevre Beach House is a magnificent, construction and built by Longhi Architects, located in Punta Misterio, Peru. Cool house boasts sand-garden roofs that bring a bit of the desert landscape into the design. contemporary design stone roof tiles surround a lap pool, the luxurious oasis in the desert setting by the architecture.
Lefevre Beach House / Longhi Architects
Console at the end plateau, box doughtily glass hangs over the ocean. Expansive windows invite the outdoors in the magnificent views across the heart of framed windows and sliding glass doors, natural beauty of this house wrap.
dining room lighting
beach house interior
peru beach house design

Via: Trendir, Arch Daily
Photographs: CHOlon Photography

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