Low-energy Lamp OOO by Sergio Mannino and Jan Habraken

February 24, 2010 at 3:47 pm 

This interesting lamp design by Italian architect Sergio Mannino and Dutch designer Jan Habraken. Called Lamp OOO, a deliberately un-green light that uses incandescent bulbs rather than low-energy ones.

The lamp is designed to hold a stack of books and the designers are releasing a limited edition of 99 of the lamps that come complete with a hand-selected and signed set of books.

Lamp OOO is the first collaboration between Sergio Mannino and dutch designer Jan Habraken. Most remarkably is the fact that the light contains three 10 watts light bulbs in an era where compact fluorescent (CFL) lights are a must. Lamp OOO is a stylish ornament which can be stuck in between a pile of books.

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