Miyasaka House: Unique and Beautiful Japan Residence by Robert Harvey Oshatz

This beautiful and unique residence that was designed for Miyasaka Family by Robert Harvey Oshartz Architect. The Miyasaka house located in Obihiro, Japan. This visible green house with the green trees in the surrounding. The roof of the building like a UFO. Interior design with pillars of house made from stone and wood material that is made prominent. The natural texture and structure in the interior of the ship such as the curve with the curvature of the rib with the bait in bold. The Miyasaka residence bridges the aesthetics of two disparate cultures, the natural texture. Below you can look for the japanese style interior design of the Miyasaka House; such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and also the stairs design, hope you like it.

Project Detail:
Name : Miyasaka Family Residence
Location : Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan
Designed : 1995-96
Completed : 1998

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