Modern Architecture Design of Car Park One Building by Elliott + Associates Architects

Elliott + Associates Architects have designed the modern architecture design for the Car Park One building in Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Elliott + Associates has set about to reinvent the parking garage experience. Happily we had the perfect client in Chesapeake Energy and CEO Aubrey McClendon.

A unique feature of the exterior is the aluminum outriggers on the east and south elevations. These 4’ extensions create changing linear shadows that artistically hint of the contents. The linear shadow becomes the same line as the parking stripe hidden inside.

In an effort to “connect” the Car Park to the existing campus across the street we incorporated masonry. However, we needed a “transparent” wall to fulfill the 25% open code criteria. We chose a clay-fired 8” x 8” x 8” solar block in a matching color to the campus king size brick. The visual and material link is maintained between the modified Georgian campus architecture and the modern architecture across the street.

Landscaping is an important aspect of any project and especially parking structures. The scale required that the building be softened and humanized as it integrates into the campus environment. Everyone walks from building to building so trees and seasonal color add to a positive experience.

Finally, the surprise is a full height 13’ wide lighted atrium that contributes to air circulation and contains a light sculpture using the four floor level colors. It is hard to forget the floor you parked on. What a great place to be. (Photos: Scott McDonald)

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