Modern Architecture Restaurant + Tea House by Francisco Portugal e Gomes

The small modern architecture Restaurant Tea House located in the granite peak of Antas in the south side facing the valley of Campanhã, Porto, Portugal. The new building of the house of tea designed by Francisco Portugal e Gomes Architects. Designed with a device in white concrete and black slate of Valongo, intends both, to evoke the memory of ancestral “Dolmens” and the “bench” towards the great game, manifesting itself in wide balance coverage across the light. This device is formally converted into a pergola that produces shade in the glazing and, in conjunction with and the building structure of the house of tea, fills the void of the lower volumetries, minimizes the impact of higher buildings nearby and creates a protected environment the might favour the stillness and contemplation.

The interior of the existing building, in the ground-floor, was renewed for a restaurant and a new building was designed to a tea house, located in the plot where there was a dependency attached, demolished in the meantime. From the existent unevenness, equivalent to a floor, two links had been created, between the covered area, and the outer space, one in the outside, through the courtyard, and the other internal, through a gallery covered in the basement, where there is a garden enclosed by a hedge of bamboo.

The ground-floor is organized with an articulation between the adjacent dinning room of the restaurant, near the street, and the counter service area, closest to the yard that communicates with the garden. The area of movement, corresponding to the extension of the existing building, has an interior staircase that ensures abundant light in the basement gallery and the functional and spatial articulation between the two floors.

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