Modern prefab architecture the Whitney loft Renovation by Alchemy Architects

Whitney loft Renovation
The Whitney loft Renovation is the first loft project undertaken by Geoffrey Warner and Alchemy Architects, a firm more noted for their work in modern and prefab architecture.
loft lighting
lighting interior loft
dining room renovation
dining room lighting

living room
loft dining room
kitchen loft

loft office renovation
office renovation
bathroom lighting

bathroom cabinets
The 2,600square-foot living space is replete with 19th-century steel crossbeams, heavy timbers, and stone-and-brick arches – all pulled together by white cloud forms oozing through the gaps.

The space is conceived as white on white and plays freely with concepts of old and new as a place for art. Within the home there is a house made from stacked timbers. Lights hang on pulleys and rough sisal rope. Tables roll on a 60foot-long track embedded in the floor. A state-of-the-art Valcucine kitchen coexists with industrial and IKEA components.
Whitney loft building architecture
Award-winning graphic designers Will Hopkins and Mary K. Baumann are a New York City couple who have recently transplanted their home and office to the renovated Whitney Lofts Building in Minneapolis (formerly the Standard Mill).
Photos courtesy of Alchemy Architects
Source: Arthitectural

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