Modern Stylish Bathtubs Collection by Flaminia

Here some collection for modern stylish bathtubs designed by Flaminia. The bathtubs collection gives you minimal shapes and elegant lines. White bathtub with glossy bright blue shelf looks very contemporary and stylish. The color selection is available in large ranges so you can choose the best one that suit to your style.

Your bathtub is for soaking and relaxing in and for that you need to be immersed in water and you need to be comfortable. It’s no good installing a short, shallow bathtub just to make it fit into your little bathroom because it won’t be any good for soaking in and it won’t be comfortable either.

A better idea is to trade length of your tub for depth. This simple concept makes it possible to fit a bathtub that requires a modest floor area but still allows you to immerse yourself in water and relax.

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