Contemporary Kitchen Design by Warendorf

functional kitchens design
There are many kitchen design trends that you can use in your kitchen cabinet refacing project. These Philippe Starck Kitchens by Warendorf are beautiful and functional designs that never fail to surprise. They provide essential design for the contemporary kitchen space. This is beautiful kitchen complete with kitchen furniture like kitchen sink, cupboard, wall unit, and washbasin. Comfortable, elegant, and simple is the typical of this kitchen. [Read more...]

Bright Green Kitchen Design Ideas

kitchen design black cabinets
This kitchens showcases how the color green can bring about a vibrant, earthy feel. Each kitchen features sleek laminate doors that are silky and sensual. It’s where you and your family spend a huge chunk of time, and can be a showcase for your design sensibilities. This design can be inspired to make a different feel of your home. If you are into eco-friendly materials and are concerned about the planet’s resources, a green kitchen design is perfect for you.
green kitchen design

STRATO – Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design by Marco Gorini

Italian Kitchen Design Marco Gorini
The contemporary Italian kitchen by Strato maybe to change your lifestyle. The Contemporary kitchen designed by Marco Gorini, it consists of two important blocks: a movable wall and a central island. The geometric, logical design is about ‘desire to share space at the pleasure of being together’. Gorgeous to look at as well as the use, you will love this contemporary kitchen. [Read more...]