OS House with Green Roof by NOLASTER

NOLASTER have designed the OS House in Loredo, Cantabria, Espana. The idea of a “crouching building” guides the decisions concerning volume, position, occupation, exterior outfit and facade claddings.

Architects: NOLASTER
Client: Carmen Salgado y José Miguel Oriol
Area: 360sqm
General contractors: Construcciones Volga + Ramiro Bra Rivas
Structural Engineer: NOLASTER + Constantino Hurtado
Services: Fernando Rodríguez Cerón
Photos: Jan BitterSouce

The property requires a holiday house program (though it will surely become the owners’ permanent home in a future), able to adjust to changes related to the number of users, the season, and so on. This complex program (couple, family, friends; summer, winter; weekend, long terms) is solved attending to values of low energy, spatial simplicity and flexibility of use. The house’s program, arranged in bands perpendicular to the longitudinal plot axis, is as follows (starting with those areas closer to the sea): living/dining/library + office; Santander room + bathroom + toilet/storage + kitchen + double bathroom + multiview room; vertical patio + north hall + access patio; introverted room + indiscreet bathroom + brief space + flexible space + open bathroom + tub room; void patio + south hall + fern patio; multiple room + bathroom + south raised living + bathroom + no vacancies room.

A new topography is defined in order to protect a rear south garden from the strong and persistent sea wind. The building is enclosed in a squared prism (22×22 m), measuring three and a half meters in height. The most exposed façade of the house is the green roof. The main program develops in the first floor, over a ground floor that consists of garage, facilities, storage, porch and south garden. None of the pieces over the roof is higher than the horizon line seen from the street.

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