OUTrial: Modern Hideaway House Design in Ksiazenice by KWK PROMES

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The OUTrial House “modern hideaway house” located in Ksiazenice, Poland, designed by architecture KWK Promes. The shapes aren’t all that modern but the fact that you have a great scenery to surround it, adds to the Wow factor of this atypical atrium house. Carved in earth and concealed under a layer of lush grass, the innovative hideaway house peeks through only a sliver of windows. Underground an Atrium was created by slicing the design, opening them up to heaven while remaining “underground.” But perhaps most interesting feature about this unique design of the landscaped roof is only available from within the house, by Ascending faults – covered stairs. Camouflaged under the facade, the house boasts all the traditional goods: living rooms, performance and functional space.

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