Remodeling: Contemporary Home in Los Angeles by Techentin Buckingham Architecture

This three storey architecture is cool California house in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Contemporary Home-Los Feliz Residence
Contemporary Home-Los Feliz Residence
Techentin Buckingham Architecture has remodeling the contemporary three storey house is “Los Feliz Residence” in Los Angeles, California, USA.
exterior-wall-Los Feliz Residence
Dining Room Interior Furniture
Contemporary Home Interior
Minimalist Kitchen Design
Kitchen-sink interior
Minimalist Home-interior
Bookshelves design
Stair-home interior
Contemporary Bedroom Design
Bathroom design-contemporary style
Los Feliz Residence_floor plan
“Foundations for any project in Los Angeles are expensive (sometimes approaching 20%-25% of total project costs).
Seeking to eliminate these costs, this remodel used the structural lines of the existing house to organize the re-design – cantilevering whole sections of the house and building a third floor to add space without additional foundation work. Existing rooms were re-organized to define five diagrammatic domestic boxes which lent coherency to programmatic relations within: 1. life spaces (bedrooms and living rooms); 2. work spaces; 3. kitchen; 4. embedded pool bathroom; and 5. underground support spaces. Joining these volumes is a loose-slung, faceted enclosure squeezed between the boxes to create double-high space and spatial directionality while simultaneously generating the proverbial nooks and crannies for storage. From each of these boxes, openings were carefully placed and calibrated to serve as frames for views directed at several impressive large trees which surround the property, making the windows and what they framed into conceptual landscapes, comprised of the living landscape.”

Text provided by Warren Techentin, AIA, LEED AP.
Photographs: Eric Staudenmeier
Source: ArchDaily, HomeDSGN

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