Scenography – Modern Minimalist Apartment Interior by AA Studio

August 6, 2009 at 10:34 pm 

The modern minimalist apartment interior designed by Romanian architect from AA studio. Located in Bucharest, this 400 sqm living space is made through form and light.
The objects integrating them in a harmonious way with the surrounding environment. The interior is a clean, colored in white decorate, the living room is so amazing…

Description from the architect:
The two initial spaces, each with all the functions (living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, bathrooms and technical space), but placed in mirror, are next to a park/ green space, so the architects took advantage of this, making the perception of the outside space to be dynamic, not fragmented visually. So, the new apartment relates very well with the outdoor through many windows, but also it can close it self enjoying the numerous lighting systems creating special atmospheres.

Regarding the functional distribution of the spaces, the architects came up with a simple solution: the day area placed in one apartment, and the night spaces in the other apartment, united by the fitness room. The spaces created are: master bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, shower bath, and secondary bathroom, living room, dinning room, kitchen, 2 guests bathroom, and a guest bedroom.All these spaces are united by the furniture design and the lighting. The large dimensions of the spaces permitted a ‘rescale’ , resulting a custom furniture project made by the architects. The furniture pieces are simple with ferm lines, square angles, but their scale and the way they interact with the generous space makes them very elegant and majesticly. The most spectacular piece of furniture has to be the bed, a floating slab, a purple spot in a big white space that has as a benchmark the big plasma tv and the bonsai.

In one hand, the natural light comes in the apartment directly or filtered by curtains and draperyes ,who have scenographic roles, and on the other hand, there are a lot of artificial lighting systems who are playing with colours, shadows and shades. One of the owner’s wish was that the place shouldn’t be a static one, so that the space could re-invent itself continuosly, and the solution were the RGB lighting systems.

Sources: AA Studio
Photo © Cornel Lazia

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