Trojan House Design by Jackson Clements Burrows

Trojan House architrcture design
The Trojan House designed by Jackson Clements Burrows architects is located in Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia. The most astonishing, three kids bedrooms and a bathroom were placed cantilevering above the garden, with a large living space and and that amazing kitchen.
Modern House Architrcture
The notion of the ‘Trojan House’ is reflected in the idea of an enveloping skin, a built form which contains the unexpected; where windows are disguised with shutters, where the internal program is unknown. Internally this program is extrapolated to fit the container with kids bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and living spaces downstairs.

Melbourne’s Trojan House architecture
Modern Kitchen Concept Trojan House Architrcture
Modern Bathroom Design Trojan House Architrcture
Trojan House - Melbourne exterior

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