YN-13 House in Shelter Island by Morris Sato Studio

YN-13 House Morris Sato Studio
This a 6000 square-foot in three structures, contemporary home designed by Morris Sato Studio in Shelter Island, New York, USA. YN-13 House is organized on its site as three independent volumes enclosing a courtyard-like space with a swimming pool at its center. The exterior’s western red cedar surfaces are expressed in various textures, and become smoother as they move from exterior to interior. Tongue-and-groove siding is used to define outdoor rooms around the pool and the transition from exterior to interior at eaves and terraces.
Contemporary home-Morris Sato Studio
Three structure home-Morris Sato Studio
Three structure home-Morris Sato Studio
YN-13 House-Morris Sato Studio
Contemporary home-Morris Sato Studio
House in Shelter Island-Morris Sato Studio
House in Shelter Island-landscape
YN-13 House in Shelter Island

House-dining room-Morris Sato Studio
Contemporary Interior Design
Bedroom Design-Morris Sato Studio
Bedroom Design-Morris Sato Studio
YN-13 House interior-Morris Sato Studio
YN-13 House-bathroom-Morris Sato Studio

The approximately 6000 sq. ft house in three structures was conceived as a buoyant mass. The main house’s biased cut of its pitched roof and protruding corners underscore the primary views to the landscape. The overall monolithic expression and material detailing of the house lend an aura of permanence and temporality within the site. Inspired by historic buildings of Kyoto and Kanazawa, Japan, the bleached vertical battens and cedar siding of the main and ancillary volumes’ of the guesthouse and garage merge with the terne-coated stainless steel roofing to form a unified textured appearance between the walls and the roof.

In the interior, the minimally partitioned first level allows for an uninterrupted diagonal flow of loft-like space and the expansive glazing at the corners connecting indoor and outdoor activities. The second level’s bedrooms are punctured with a series of openings and terraces providing light and views. A large interior void joins the two floors in a continuous convection of air ventilating the interior. The void additionally serves as a spatial inversion of light at the inner most point in the volume and as a counterpoint to fireplace and masonry chimney tower on the exterior. The single-storied guest wing and garage buildings define an enclosed courtyard space for the swimming pool, gardens and views to the ocean beyond.

YN-13 House-Morris Sato Studio-models
YN-13 House-basement floor plan
YN-13 House first floor plan
YN-13 House second floor plan
YN-13 House site plan
All images courtesy of Morris Sato Studio
Source: ArchDaily, Contemporist

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